Friskis&Svettis London in the Media

Woman´s Health Magazine, April 2014

‘Working out in a giant circle, this aerobics, dance and strength workout is based on the principle that exercise should be enjoyable. And it is! We may have just found a new favourite Scandi fetish (after The Bridge of course).’

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The Runner beans, May 2013

‘Sweating and Smiling, what’s not to like?’

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‘I can see a lot of people enjoying it and taking advantage of this new style.’

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Mamans a Londres, January 2012

‘Chez Friskis, tout le monde est bienvenu et participe selon ses capacités. Jeune ou moins jeune, homme ou femme, sportif ou pas, maman ou papa: chacun a sa place!’

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alexiadellner, October 2011

‘What is swedercise you ask? It is the quite simply the most fun you’ll ever have while working out.’

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france in london, June 2010

‘Movements are very simple, and after one session, everybody is able to follow, which is quite rewarding.’

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Evening Standard, January 2010

‘Far harder than it looks, this involves exercising each part body in time to the music − I discovered muscles I didn’t know existed.’

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