Membership Fees

3 month card: The 3 month card is valid for three months ahead from the day you purchase it and gives access to all our classes. The 3 month card includes membership to Friskis&Svettis London. This gives the right to bring in propositions to be handled at the annual meeting and also the right to vote at the annual meeting.

10-classes card: A 10-classes card is valid for 6 months and gives access to ten of our gym classes of your choice. The 10-classes card also includes membership to Friskis&Svettis London.

Pay-as-you-go ticket: A pay-as-you-go ticket gives access to one of our gym classes.

3 month card  £70
10-class card  £50
Pay-as-you-go ticket  £6

Our cards and pay-as-you-go tickets are purchased from our host(-ess) before the class. Please bring cash and, if possible, the exact amount, as the amount of change our hosts bring is limited. Thank you.