Welcome to our Autumn term!

We hope you have all had an amazing Summer and are filled with new energy for the Autumn!

We kick start our Autumn Term on Tuesday 5th September and keep going to Thursday 21st December! We still have a fun packed schedule planned but there are a few changes:

*The Interval Flex classes on Wednesday evenings are taking a break.

*We will offer a new intensity on Wednesdays 7.30: Swedercise/Jympa Intensive! You will recognise the structure from our regular Swedercise classes but this programme will offer you higher intensity, tougher strength and in general a bit more of a challenge.

*Our Monday classes at Honeywell Junior School in Clapham will be back on Monday 11th September with Johan.

We look forward to a fun-filled Autumn together and can’t wait to see you on the jympa floor! Keep checking our Facebook and Instagram pages for the latest updates!