Interval Flex

Interval Flex combines high intensity cardio and strength exercises with functional, dynamic and powerful movements that increase your elasticity and flexibility! We strive for body awareness and also to develop stability and balance. You will leave the class smiling and feeling challenged, fully charged, strong and certainly more flexible!

The instructor will guide you through the class which lasts for 55 minutes. As with all of our classes, you do not need any training experience and you can easily adapt the exercises to your own ability.

During the first half of the class, you challenge your fitness and strength in tough interval peaks. The intervals are high in intensity and switch between strength and conditioning exercises. In the second half, you focus on and train your mobility in a dynamic and fluid manner. The muscles you fatigued during the intervals, are stretched and become more flexible and relaxed.

Try our Interval Flex classes on Wednesdays at the Central YMCA at 7:30pm! See Interval Flex in action above!


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