Swedercise (Jympa) is our core!

We call our core workout ‘Swedercise‘ (Jympa in Swedish). The concept is based on rhythmic music, the pleasure of movement and positive leadership. It is fun, inclusive and effective and has been developed in cooperation with experts in the fields of medicine and physiology on the basis of scientific research. A Swedercise class integrates all the elements of physical training, and so in 55 minutes you will practise everything: warm-up, flexibility, strength, stamina, cool-down and relaxation. We run three Swedercise sessions every week! Have a look at our weekly schedule under Schedule & Classes! Check out the video above to see Swedercise/jympa in action!

The music is an essential element of a Swedercise class. It is selected individually by the instructor with the aim of helping the participants go the extra mile in each segment of the class, whether it is jumping around to the latest dance tunes or doing push-ups to an old rock ballad.

Each instructor then creates the choreography for his/her class, using the selected tunes and beat from the music as a springboard. The movements are natural and easy to follow even after one class, which makes it rewarding and fun from day one! We work out in a circle to create an inclusive group dynamic with positive energy.

All our Swedercise class programs are based on a specific structure, which follows a special intensity curve.


The curve shows how your heart rate changes during the exercise programme. Balance and co-ordination are also trained throughout the one-hour programme.

Warm Up
The warm up prepares your body for the training that follows. The warm up will increase your heart’s capacity and to prevent injuries the programme is designed to gradually move from warm up to the first oxygen uptake segment.

In this part we use slow, big movements to stretch out the muscles and to make them soft. The pace of the music is slow and relaxing to stretch the muscles completely.

The strength-training is dynamic. Effective exercises for stomach, back, arms, bottom and legs. Many of the exercises have an easier and more difficult version and it is up to you to decide how hard you want to work during the session.

Oxygen Uptake
The goal is to improve the oxygen uptake. In this section we concentrate on the heart and lungs. There is also varied pressure on joints and muscles. Again you decide what suits you best; running versus walking, jumping or not. As long as you perform all the movements completely you will receive the benefits of the exercises.

Warm Down
The goal is to lower your pulse to a normal rate and to help your body rid itself of the lactic acid build-up caused by working the muscles. Large, calm and relaxing exercises will bring you down to a normal level of breathing.

The instructor uses several exercises to give your muscles a good static stretch. The muscles should feel tight but you should feel no pain.

This is a time for your body and soul. Relaxing music will help you cool down and reduce your body temperature. This part is an important part of the stress relief of the exercise programme.



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