Some useful tips

Benefits of F&S sessions

  • The stroke volume of your heart and its ability to absorb oxygen have increased,
  • Your pulse has decreased for the same amount of work and your resting pulse is lower,
  • The number of capillaries in your muscles has increased; Your level of cholesterol has gone down,
  • You have greater muscle strength,
  • Your bones become stronger – physical training prevents loss of calcium,
  • Your joints, ligaments and tendons are more durable,
  • You produce less lactic acid in your muscles for the same amount of work,
  • Your production of endorphins has increased,
  • You have greater stamina,
  • Your resistance to ambient heat has increased.


Before the class

At the beginning of every class, a host(-ess) will welcome you, validate your access and hand you a registration tokenPlease make sure you arrive 5-10 minutes before the start of the class and that you are inside the studio, with your token, when the class starts. 


During the class

If it is your first class, start slowly and workout at your own pace. If you go to a session and you feel it is too difficult, drop the arm exercises and concentrate on the movements for the legs.

Instructors do not correct individual participants in Friskis&Svettis, as many are sensitive to this. Instead they prefer to explain difficult movements at the beginning of the session. They also try to give short explanations during the session when actually carrying out the movements. We would also like to remind all participants that they are very welcome to approach the instructor after the session to ask for clarifications on any of the movements used.

The individual instructors develop their own programmes, but all programmes build on movements that have been carefully developed in cooperation with experts in the fields of medicine and physiology in Friskis&Svettis. Moreover, the session has to follow specific indications concerning the beats per minute allowed for the different parts of the session (warm-up, strength, oxygen peaks, flexibility, cool-down, etc.). To ensure that the risk of injuries is kept to a minimum, F&S instructors strictly follow these instructions when selecting movements and music.

Take pain as a warning! If a movement is painful, check if you are doing the movement correctly as instructed by the instructor. If the pain continues, stop the movement and at the end of the session ask the instructor for advice. It is important that the movements feel good.


After the class

If you see that there is a class after we have finished, please make sure you leave the studio as quickly and efficiently as possible. Feel free to continue your stretching or chatting outside the studio. If you have any questions or suggestions you are more than welcome to speak to the instructor or host.

Exercise frequently, but do not forget to rest. Exercise naturally causes strain on muscles, joints and tendons. Rest is therefore important for recovery and gain in strength. stronger. You should have a good balance between exercise and rest, as this way, you get the best results from the workout and the risk to get injured is diminished. Never exercise when you are ill and remember that complications can be dangerous. Start to exercise slowly after you are well again.


Clothes and equipment

No particular equipment or clothes are required, however:

  • Wear clothes which are comfortable and easy to move in. Make sure that you will not get too warm in your outfit.
  • It is very important that you use good fitness shoes when you workout with Friskis&Svettis. With good fitness shoes, training becomes more enjoyable and efficient. You will also avoid pain in the ligaments or knees and torn Achilles tendons. Use indoor shoes which are meant for jumps and indoor activities and please, for hygiene reasons, make sure they are clean and used only indoor.
  • We recommend women to wear a supportive sports bra that suits you, since our classes includes quite a lot of jumps.
  • Feel free to bring your own mat if you prefer.


Food and hydration

Drink extra water during the day of your workout and remember to refill after the exercise. During a session you can sweat approximately 1 liter or even more, depending on the circumstances. This loss of fluids needs to be replaced. Bring you water to drink before and after the workout. Exercise also uses up your body’s energy stores, so ensure you eat enough food during the day and eat a small snack as soon as you can after the session. This way your body can start recovering from the exercise immediately and does not start using your muscles energy stores as energy. Avoid heavy meals preferably within two hours before the class.

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