Amanda grew up in Norrtälje, north of Stockholm and, where she was a member and joined Friskis&Svettis London as she moved to the UK in 2007. She became an instructor in September 2010.

“I love Friskis&Svettis because it gives me that extra energy I need! I love the hour of fun and like the combination of a really good and varied workout followed by a proper stretch. For my class I choose music which makes everyone want to jump. For me, it’s all about energy and happiness!”

Amanda studies Fashion Design Womenswear MA at Royal College of Art 2014-16. When she is not constructing patterns or sewing, she enjoys a good dinner out with friends.

charlotte berning friskis-01Charlotte

Charlotte grew up in Stockholm, Sweden and moved to London with her family in August 2017.Charlotte found Friskis&Svettis after a career within figure skating and has been an instructor since 2002. She has been educated and an instructor in classic ‘Swedercise’ along with more high intense classes in ‘Swedercise’. In Sweden she was also teaching Spinning and boxing.

I love the idea behind Friskis&Svettis, there is something for everyone and you can start at a very young age and continue all your life. I love being an instructor and seeing the energy in the room once the music is on. Together everyone in the room create the class and makes it fun. I’m there to inspire you to move and have fun!

Charlotte has a background within banking and when she is not at Friskis&Svettis, she hangs out with her family containing her husband and three children. When time is given she loves to travel and eat good food.


Born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, Jenny has been exercising with Friskis & Svettis since she was 16 years old. After moving to London in 2008, she pursued her dream of becoming an instructor with the organisation.

“I was never one for spending time outside playing or doing sport; you were much more likely to find me in a corner somewhere reading a book. But when I went to a Friskis jympa class for the first time, I found a joy and energy from training that I had never experienced before. It was challenging, fun and, most of all, sweaty. I felt happy, positive and energies after each class. Since that long-ago-day I have tried many different types of training, sports and activities, but I have yet to find the same rush and joy from training that I get from a Friskis jympa class.”

Jenny works as a science teacher at a secondary school in London. When she is not teaching, science or Friskis, she can still be found in a corner somewhere with her nose in a book. She lives in North London with her boyfriend and English Bulldog Bundy.


Johan is Swedish and got involved in Friskis&Svettis in Paris after he stopped playing handball. He later became a Swedercise instructor with Friskis&Svettis Stockholm, Sweden and joined Friskis&Svettis London when moving to London in 2005. He’s a certified instructor of the traditional Swedercise class as well as the new class Interval Flex.

“I love the positive energy rush of a Swedercise class: great exercise, great music, great fun and very inclusive so people can come and let their hair down. I want my classes to be tough, energetic and motivating with a clin d’oeil and a big smile. I try to select music with a clear beat, be it chart toppers, world music, rock classics or dance music.”

Outside of Friskis, Johan works in the City. He has two young daughters and lives in South West London.

Maria NEW_159x207Maria

Maria grew up in Uppsala in Sweden and joined Friskis&Svettis there in a young age. In 2003 she started to work for Friskis&Svettis Stockholm and became an instructor there. Throughout the years she has taught Dance, “Skivstång” (barbell) and Jympa and been responsible for the popular outdoor sessions that Friskis arrange every Summer in many cities. Maria is also trained to undertake the yearly quality assessments of the instructors.

“What I like with Friskis&Svettis is that it is for everyone. You can come as you are, no special clothes or equipment is required, and you can adjust the movements so it fits you and how you feel today. It´s fun but yet challenging and you walk away with a smile on your face.”

Maria works as a graphic designer and has her own business together with her husband. When she’s not working she likes to be in the gym, travel, explore new parts of London and bake.

Fredrika NEW_159x207Fredrika

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Fredrika grew up in Brussels, where her parents introduced her to Friskis&Svettis at an early age, her father being the president of Friskis&Svettis Brussels. After really enjoying jumping around to great music in a group of sweaty people, she trained to become an instructor at the age of fifteen.

“Friskis&Svettis is that element of everyday craziness that instantly puts a smile (and several drops of sweat) on your face. It is an effective and fun way to work out and the energy you get from the music and the group is unbeatable! I love tough classes that push you beyond your limit and make your endorphins go wild, while still being joyful and well rounded.”

Fredrika works as a doctor and researcher at University College London Hospital. She is also a certifyed yoga instructor and enjoys hitting a good dance floor (almost) as much as the Friskis&Svettis gym floor.


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Léa comes from the Alps region in France. When she moved to London in 2010 and discovered Friskis&Svettis through a friend of hers, she immediately got hooked! She trained to become a Friskis&Svettis instructor together with Lucie and held her first class in August 2011.

“I love the hour of high-quality workout that Friskis provides. It’s always fun and easy to follow so you can really make the most of the workout. I also like the idea of exercising in a circle shape as it helps creating group dynamic and extra energy on the gym floor. For my classes, I like to pick varied and inspiring music that makes people want to go a bit further.”

Léa loves travelling and always looks forward to discovering new places around the world.


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Magda grew up in Poland and moved to London in 2011. Shortly after that she heard from a friend about Friskis&Svettis and immediately became addicted to the happy hops in a group of fantastic people. She trained to become an instructor in the summer of 2014.

“For me Friskis&Svettis is a one hour of full body workout, easy to follow, combined with great music and motivating people around you. I love the feeling I get from the classes, the positive energy and joy for the body and mind. At my classes I hope to share this energy and smile with others”.

Magda is a Research Assistant at University College London. She loves travelling and in her free time she likes to explore London on bike and catch up with friends for a pint and dancing.


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Sofia grew up in Stockholm, Sweden and moved to London in June 2016. She has been an instructor since 2007 teaching the classic ‘Swedercise’ class and the funky class ‘Dance Fusion’.

“I absolutely love the Swedish Friskis&Svettis training concept. As an instructor I want to share that love with you – boost you with energy, inspiration and motivation to give that little extra in every move. To me, Swedercise is the ultimate workout. You get to work with your whole body to great music and everyone can join – no matter what fitness level – just come and join the fun. I want you to leave the class feeling great and that you’ve really pushed yourself – fit, fierce and fabulous!”

Sofia is a lawyer specialising in IT/digital businesses and works at a company in the city. When she is not working or “Swedercising”, she enjoys dancing, flowers, travelling and exploring new things.


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Toshana grew up in sunny Barbados and moved to London in 2012. A friend introduced her to Friskis&Svettis that September and immediately she was amazed by the high energy and fun-factor of the class. She trained to become an instructor in Summer 2013 and now loves teaching fun and sweaty jympa classes along with tough and challenging interval flex classes.

“I love that Friskis&Svettis makes it so much fun to work out and the energy boost that you have during and after the class is addictive. The concept of getting a full-body workout with nothing but your own bodyweight, a great mix of music, an amazing group of people and a motivating, energetic instructor is great! I like fun but challenging classes and love that the music not only puts a smile on your face but stimulates you to give that little bit more when needed. And even more, I love sharing this feeling with others!”.

Toshana is a structural virologist and works as Post-doctoral Research Associate at King’s College London. When she is not on the ‘Friskis’ floor, she enjoys cooking, travelling and long relaxing walks in the countryside.