Sweat and Smile, Swedish Style!

Winner_Fitness_Class_frilagdMoveGB celebrates the very best in the fitness industry across Britain with its annual MoveAwards!

In October 2016, our lovely members nominated Swedercise (jympa) for the ‘Best Fitness class in London’ category. After many of their votes and comments, Friskis&Svettis London reached the finals as one of the top three best fitness providers in London! Amazing!
Our dedication, desire and enthusiasm for providing fun workouts that evoke happiness and spread the love of fitness across London was then judged in January 2017 as the ultimate winner!
We are therefore very happy to announce that Swedercise (Jympa) is the 2016 MoveAwards Winner of the BEST FITNESS CLASS in LONDON!
We are so proud and appreciate all of your support; it is such an immense boost for the association as we continue to build and share the ‘Friskis feeling’ around this dynamic city of London, ensuring that the smile we aim for continues to spread!

Welcome to Friskis&Svettis, the Swedish fitness revolution with more than 500,000 members across Europe. Our fun-filled ‘Swedercise’ classes have been established in central London since 2005!

Known as jympa in Sweden, the Swedercise workout is based on the idea that exercise should be fun and easy to do. We work out in a circle to create an inclusive group dynamic with a positive energy. The music is catchy and the movements are natural and easy to follow even after one class, which makes it rewarding, fun and addictive from day one!

Friskis&Svettis roughly translates as ‘Healthy&Sweaty’ in Swedish and was established as a non-profit organisation in Stockholm in 1978 to promote an active lifestyle through fun, high-quality, affordable workout classes. Friskis&Svettis London operates on the same basis, inspiring more and more Londoners to get moving!

Friskis&Svettis provides a fun workout for everyone! You are welcome to come and try a class; your first class is always free. Check out our Schedule & Classes and have a look at our membership options and very attractive fees.

Come as you are and join the fun! Sweat and smile, Swedish style!




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